the study of tess johnson. i'm still learning.

i'm in love with the five biggest losers on this planet. guess who?!

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i wanna be back at the pool 🍺💕 happy I got to celebrate with you 😘 @itsleslieduh #vegas  (at Encore Beach Club Las Vegas Nevada)
☼☼☼lighten up☼☼☼ #newhair
sometimes you hike and find random strangers who offer you a bowl and then agree to take pictures of you and then get mistaken as lesbians #ithappens 👭 (at Temple Hill Laguna Beach (Top Of The World))
All is right in the world again 😊 #welcomehome #loveyou @carolinebui_
when life gets you down, eat a pizza 🍕💕 #mymotto #whatdiet @pizzahut
If they miss you, they’ll call. If they want you, they’ll say it. If they care, they’ll show it. And if not, they aren’t worth your time.
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sometimes i forget that i’m ok with being by myself ♡ #lazysunday
i’m a fruit fiend 🍓🍇🍉🍍🍈 😜
||featuring my work uniform||
#ilovefruits #workedallday #latepost